Young Driver Development Report

The first event of the year will be recorded as milestone for the YDDC programme. With 19 students. 8 new enrolments from MGCC and 2 sponsored students from our friends at the Jaguar Owners and Drivers Club. Normally the number is not a problem, howev- er when 10 are all on the same level it is time to think outside the square.

Although students, their parents, partners, uncles, aunties and GRAND PARENTS, Ted Dial and Howard MacLean were all very happy at the end of the day. The day was hot, humid, dirty and of course dusty.

We may now have to consider NAME tags!! Dealing with cross gender names has become a problem when identifying which student belongs to which parent/guardian with practice I am sure the instructors will learn. On the subject of gender I am pleased that our female attendance has also increased to 5, usually females are reluctant to enrol unless there are other females attending.

As from the April event we will have cold drinks for sale to wash down the Reeves’s sausages and dust.
On behalf of the team, students, participating parents and guardians, I wish acknowledge the contribution made by Louise and Martin Reeves by providing lunch for everyone and their personal expense. Martin and Louise have been doing this gig for a long time, I am sure the day they have a sickie, and we will all starve.

Also a mighty thanks to Lyall Clarke for keeping the KIDS CAR spotlessly clean, just have a look at Lyall’s MGF sometime is always immaculate.