The course focus is in teaching with the use of practical training techniques the skills of Car Control.

We do not provide training for any matters under the control of the NSW RMS including licencing or road rules for public roads.

The course is designed for junior drivers from the age of 12 to 18 years old. The course consists of tutorial on car control, safety and car preparation.

Driving instruction is on a one-to-one basis. All instructors have considerable competition driving experience. All instructors are registered and approved for Working with Children Checks, (WWCC).

It is preferred but not essential that participants have some driving experience in sprint karts, motorkhanas, or an RMS learners Permit.

Pupils under the age of 18 years will require a parent or guardian to counter sign the entry form prior to the commencement of each days training activity.

The course contains 6 full days which are conducted per year, both in a practical hands-on and classroom lecture environment.


  1. Please make sure your vehicle is in a road worthy and safe condition. Your car can be road registered or unregistered. Single seat competition vehicles are allowed only with the specific approval of the senior instructor.
  2. Safety apparel required is neck to ankle cotton-based clothing with long sleeves. Shoes should be fully enclosed, of a narrow designed with thin flat soles are preferred.
  3. The car must have two seat belts in good working order.
  4. The car must have a Safety Check each training day, cars not considered save will not be allowed to used until such time it is repaired and made safe.
  5. Before entering a Training Day event the student must first purchase a CAMS L2NSJ or L2SJ licence, please consult with the club for advice. Currently the cost is $ 35.00. The licence is valid for 12 months and is purchased direct from CAMS.
  6. For students who are current financial members of the MG Car Club Ncle the entry fee for CLUB COMPETITION level events are FREE.
  7. For students who are current financial members of the MG Car Club Ncle, all “Young Driver Development Course” (YDDC) days, have an entry fee of $20, commencing from 1st Jan 2019.
  8. ALL YDDC days are conducted at Ringwood Park Motor Sport Complex North of Raymond Terrace.
  9. Dates for YDDC activities are advertised in Club Torque Magazine, Coming Events or on the club website go to Motorsport, then Calendar, Upcoming Events-Motorsport or you can go to Club Info, Calendar then Upcoming Events then right side box Full Calendar YEAR.

Should you require further information please contact: Greg Hunter 0412493711 or  Email


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